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Saturday, April 1 2006
With a yawning six inch deep canyon bisecting the parking area in front of the house, I had to get started on the project of restoring driveability to that surface. Today I filled in the trench with gravel and buried the four inch sewer pipe I'd laid yesterday. This evening I began laying the new surface of the trench in my usual way, using mortar as a base for pieces of flat rock fitted together. For the rocks, I had a bunch of tile-like (smooth but not rounded) rocks from Englishman's Creek at the bottom of Dug Hill Road. For the mortar, I used what I found in the garage, which is never a good idea at this time of the year. Dry mortar and concrete in bags often goes bad over the winter in this climate. So I mixed old mortar mix with equally-old Portland cement, which seems to have a longer shelf life.
As it stands now, we have one car (the blue Civic) on the road side of the trench and the other (the red Civic) marooned on the wrong side of the trench. We're officially a one-car family until a card-width patch of the new mortar-and-stone pavement is hard enough to drive upon.

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