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   embarrassing luxuries of modern first world living
Monday, April 24 2006
It was a fairly typically day in late April: chilly, vaguely miserable, and prone to intermittent rains. In the past it would have been possible to escape the drear by retreating to a forever-welcoming basement landscape featuring a mountain of New Yorkers beside a hotwater bathtub lake. But with the boiler turned off for the season and solar hot water depleted since Saturday, this was an impossibility. I never thought I'd say this back when I depended on rainwater for baths, but it's probably healthy (and instructive) to be dependent on nature for some of the many embarrassing luxuries of modern first world living.
I focused mostly on nagging little problems with my generic calendaring system, which was having subtle problems showing two different calendars side by side when they cycled on different time scales. I'd already figured out most of the things I'd needed to in order to get it to work: functions for trimming off non-important parts of a date-time (at both sides of the scale), functions for providing time-derived "keys," and methods for demonstrating time divisions graphically (here I relied on my old experience with hexadecimal-color arithmetic).

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