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   January 2007

01: leprechaun habitat - Walking in the foggy forest at sunset.
02: famous for hitting the hyperspace button - So fucking tired of that dead president already.
03: dog rendezvous in Allentown - It's half way between Silver Spring and Hurley.
04: in that part of the 80s - Why Standard Poodles ick me out.
05: cheap Chinese electronics - They blow out easily. Also, a warm winter day in Woodstock.
06: real estate porn in Woodstock - A warm night in that cutesy village.
07: Wikipedia: hive mind - Anonymous authors pecking out a masterpiece.
08: I'll remember that it's possible - Working on the car, in the shop, and in MySQL.
09: sea of shoplifting information - A knife leads me to benchmark an Arduino.
10: gradually-expanding crust - Thinking about black holes in a bathtub.
11: nor as complete as your typical dental office - More things to do while waiting for your car to get an oil change in Kingston.
12: fearlessness gave way to pragmatism - A dopey poodle we're dog sitting trees our most charismatic cat.
13: physical windows - I only work in the space immediately around my computer.
14: sprawling impromptu puzzle - Lots of work on a copper chandelier.
15: chandelier hung - A day in Woodstock and I finally hang my new copper pipe creation.
16: stiff fingers - The main problem with working in the cold.
17: model glue hunt - Was the stuff banned for its obviously carcinogenic properties at some point in the 25 years since I last needed it?
18: books can aid household insulation - A bookshelf with undersized shelves for my wife's poetry library.
19: Lerdy Lix - That's what the magnets now spell out on the refrigerator.
20: those small-headed humans - We use 100% of our brains, not 10%.
21: on the shoulders of pirates - In which I write about my massive collection of classic Macintosh software.
22: tube oscilloscope versus the iPod and the Aiwa - Beauty and endurance in electronic device design.
23: form factor in their favor - Also, a review of the band Midnight Movies.
24: aggravation for very little satisfaction - Splitting Cottonwood and getting the web to work on ancient Macintosh hardware.
25: just in time fuel obtainance - I gather firewood in front of a nasty arctic air mass.
26: fragrances are weird like that - Good smells overlap with bad.
27: U.S.S. Jimmy Carter - As opposed to the U.S.S. George Herbert Walker Bush.
28: intersection cherry - Cutting up a tree full of nails.
29: band of enjoyment - Watching "Jeopardy."
30: wowza number is MIPs - Have processors actually improved since 2003?
31: fun with a TORX set - Mostly taking apart old hard drives.