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Thursday, June 21 2007
The other day I tried to make a drawer from stock "one-by-five" dimensional planks, but it ended up insufficiently square and I was forced to repurpose it into a wheeled cart for tucking my wall wart collection beneath the steps. Yesterday, though, I had better luck in squaring a second attempt at a drawer, which I installed on slider-rollers beneath one of the steps up to the laboratory deck. Today I made a second, much deeper, drawer to put in the space beneath the next step down. Now, from a distance, those steps look like a set of filing cabinets, but robust enough to walk upon. The slider-roller assemblages on which these drawers move require close tolerances, closer than the sort I would use when assembling a quick set of steps, so I had to use a shim of Luan plywood for one of the tracks to forestall derailments. But even when there is no derailment, there's plenty of room for annoyance: a millimeter difference over the length of a 24 inch slide can spell the difference between a perfectly-satisfying action and a maddening rub somewhere along the way.

The drawers in the steps to the laboratory deck. Notice the white PVC contraption to the steps' right. That's my laboratory's flushless urinal. Beneath the top step it's too shallow for a proper drawer, so instead I have a shelf for a large-screen digital clock radio that allows me to read the time from anywhere in the laboratory.

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