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Wednesday, June 16 2010

location: airplane over the United States

I must have ended up sleeping for a couple hours despite my cramped conditions in the airplane seat, particularly with Gretchen taking advantage of her marital rights and using my lap as a place to store the tired ends of her body. She was on Ambien again, but it wore off fairly quickly and she was coherent during the end of the flight.
A shuttle from E-Z Way Parking picked us up promptly at the airport, and it proved fairly easy to find I-78 from there. I drove us all the way back to Hurley without the benefit of any coffee, though my head felt increasingly staticky as I did so.
All the critters were safe and happy back at our house, and my ten tomato plants had all doubled in size over the last ten days. Eleanor was still wearing her cone of shame, but her wounds were healing nicely. Later, while I took a multi-hour nap, Gretchen took Eleanor to the vet to have the stitches removed, at which point there was no longer a reason for her to wear the cone of shame.
While Gretchen was out, she also stopped by a farm out on Sawkill Road where we have a membership in a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture). We'd tried a CSA some years ago and been disappointed (partly because all they'd seemed to produce had been collards and meat), but this one seems promising. Gretchen came back with beets, broccoli, lettuce, a head of cauliflower, and enormous radishes.
Lacking tomatoes, I made a vegan BLT using slices of radish instead. I didn't have much hope for it at first, but it proved surprisingly delicious.

Tonight I helped my old girlfriend Kim and her husband Drew by migrating her old semi-fossilized Microsoft SQL database to a new Godaddy account. I have some experience with this long and painful process from having done it for David (of back in January. So I knew what pitfalls to avoid, but it still ended up being a rage-inducing clusterfuck. I found myself having to open up one window after another for 40 different tables in the retarded SQL Server Import and Export Wizard to check off an option to allow identity insert (which should really be checked off by default) so that relations in the imported data could be, well, preserved (as they are automatically in, say, all known forms of MySQL import). That sort of menial computer drudgery is precisely the sort of thing from which computers were designed to spare us.
But then it turned out that the creation of tables by that wizard doesn't preserve the identity attribute (Microsoft's version of autoincrement), and there is no way in Godaddy shared hosting to turn on that attribute in an existing table. I'd run into parts of this problem before, but I'm restating them here just to let you know why I kept violently showing a middle finger to various windows on my computer.

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