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   June 2010

01: as reliable as the beating of your heart - How the internet works where engineers design all the fancy Microsoft code.
02: Eleanor the hero - Finding a lost dog in the forest.
03: you ought to see the other guy - New landscaping and Eleanor is attacked by a wild animal.
04: peeling off stickers - A new laptop gets new software. Also, Eleanor returns from the animal hospital.
05: falafel and Chinese food - Also, fake pirates and native Americans in Uptown Kingston.
06: Thai and IPA - The flight to Portland. Also, Thrifty Rent-a-Car tries to saddle us with a stupid PT Cruiser.
07: asymptotically approaches the flavor of air - Burritos with progressively fewer and fewer things in downtown Portland, Oregon.
08: Mount Tabor - A hypothetical rape camp for children on an extinct volcano in Portland.
09: treesort - Driving to southern Oregon.
10: ziplines and jam sandwiches - Recreating at an Oregon treesort.
11: Crater Lake - Also, the Oregon Vortex and the Rogue River Valley.
12: Bend, Oregon - Actually, less about Bend than being in the vortex of McMenamin's.
13: to Mt. Hood - Also, Smith Rocks and Madras.
14: Hood River - Mostly coasting down from its peak and heading to Portland via the Columbia Gorge.
15: pizza party before departure - Waking up with allergies and eventually getting on a plane and flying back east.
16: back to the clusterfuck - But at least Eleanor is better and the tomatoes have grown.
17: confidence in your Bing - Continuing to be pissed off by stupid Microsoft code. Also, the Informant!
18: act as a soup - Procrastinating in the garden while Ray cooks a soupy sauce.
19: drunken DIY electric noise - Ray drinks my cheap bourbon and is easily encouraged to play my guitar.
20: Garter Snake and Wood Frog - Also, Google Street View on Dug Hill Road.
21: out of a procrastinatory funk - All it takes is a phone call.
22: minimalist vegan pizza - A slice of pizza lasts for more than one segment of Jeopardy.
23: pseudoephedrine and Intervention - A ticket to empathy and sobs.
24: fixing the pisser - Unclogging a flushless urinal with Liquid Plumr.
25: Phoebeless salad party - Phoebes don't like it when guests gather beneath their nests.
26: emerging on Hurley Mountain road - Our friend Sarah the vegan gets lost in the forest behind our house.
27: Wilma departs - And becomes a city cat.
28: Mountain Brew Beer Ice - Ray makes a new discovery at Stewarts.
29: statistical eye - Thoughts about the making up of polling data.
30: introducing kids to drugs - How to tell them you used to totally smoke the doob.