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Tuesday, July 27 2010
I just can't get enough of black-eyed peas! They don't have much of a flavor in and of themselves, but they secrete a delicious broth which makes a good base for curry. This is why I like my curries built around a backbone of black-eyed peas. Combined with sauteed onions, mushrooms, tomato paste, and vindaloo paste, there's really not much else you want to have in the microburrito made from a torn piece of soft tortilla. Today, though, I found a cabbage languishing in the refrigerator. Its outer surfaces with covered with some sort of black refrigerator mold, but with those layers removed it was perfectly good. So I minced it up and added it to my microburritos. This amounted to a quarter of a head of cabbage, and it was all a bit too much, so I found my gut uncomfortably distended by the time I'd eaten my multicontinental curryesque meal.
As I ate, I was trying out a new input device for the entertainment computer. I'd just taken delivery of a Lenovo 57Y6336 mini-keyboard with built-in trackball. This little gizmo seemed capable of single-handedly turning a PC into an entertainment system. Indeed, I had almost no further use for our satellite dish receiver; I could just watch AVI movies and Hulu. If I were to find myself living by myself, that would definitely be teevee enough for me.
Tonight was yet another surprisingly cool one, especially after a day that had seemed seasonably hot.

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