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   jihad Wednesday
Wednesday, May 4 2011
There was a jihad today here on the edge of the plateau above Old Hurley, but it had nothing to do with the awakening of a sleeper cell in response to the demise of Osama bin Laden. I was undertaking a massive cleaning jihad to make the house presentable for Sarah the Vegan, our house sitter during our trip to Rome (the one in Italy, not the one in New York). Gretchen had said something about how nasty our refrigerator had become, so I spent the better part of an hour cleaning it shelf by shelf. In the past I'd been content to just clean the front parts of the shelves, but this time I took the shelves out and scrubbed them in the sink. Multiple puddles of maple syrup had solidified on those shelves and run down along the refrigerator's back wall, and that proved surprisingly hard to dissolve and/or scrape away.
Meanwhile a miserable cold rain was falling outside, having begun last night. It wasn't doing much to lift our spirits, but the broccoli seedlings in the garden seemed to be loving it.
Another thing I did today was go into town to pull 1.3 kilobucks of cash from the bank for use in Italy. While I was in town, I also bought a can of squash (the kind used for making pies) to mix into the food of Marie (aka "the Baby"). We've tried everything in hopes of curing her diarrhea, and nothing has worked. But Deborah swears that pumpkin in her dog Juneau's diet has worked miracles, so we're willing to see if it works with the Baby.

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