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   planting tomatoes, 2011
Thursday, May 19 2011
Today there were actual thunderstorms in addition to conventional rain, though at some point there was break in the weather sufficient for me to go out and plant some of the tomatoes I'd grown from seed. After first turning over the soil so as to bury pinecones, dog shit, and dirt from vacuum cleaner bags, I planted a number of non-cherry tomatoes in the northmost plot (the one furthest from the house). Though its full of earthworms (a good indication), the soil in this plot actually doesn't look all that good; despite all the things I've added to it, it retains the constipated look of the whatever crappy clay was trucked in to make the lawn in the first place.

In an effort to deal with a jetlag-induced sleep deficit, I went to sleep at 8:00pm.

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