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   November 2012

01: neighter compare to a Share - What it's like to go viral on Facebook.
02: Looking for Dragons - I finish a last painting for the KMOCA show.
03: double-named venues - I show several works of art for the first time in over ten years.
04: mouse or nail - Something caused a short in a thermostat wire.
05: dogfather - The guy who had Ramona before we did comes by for a visit.
06: Obaminate - Chill the fuck out, Barack has this one.
07: perfect schadenfreude - After Obama is re-elected, I actually feel content enough to die. Of course, part of that feeling was a consequence of my hangover.
08: installing flooring without a flooring nailer - It's slow but possible.
09: schadenfreude continues - Now I find out about Romney's get-out-the-vote application known as Orca.
10: unlikely to ever again inconvenience a coyote - Where I discuss two possible crimes against the social order.
11: an end to all that - A warm night with no katydids.
12: floor finished - The greenhouse upstairs now has a solid White Oak floor that squeaks a little.
13: like the holodeck - Finishing the interior of the greenhouse upstairs.
14: ready to furnish - Settling on a dog-piss-stained futon for the greenhouse upstairs.
15: first coffee in the greenhouse upstairs - It's nice to have a sunny place nearby in the winter.
16: investing in fracking - Somehow a fracking company turns up in our investment portfolio. And it's lost 89% of its value!
17: nasty with clotted - Sometimes old paint is just what you want.
18: ideally - Imagining a train that delivers breakfast supplies and a woodshed where green wood can be stacked without covering up the dry wood.
19: Siamese stick - What to do with a piece of tree containing wire when salvaging it for firewood.
20: three humans, two dogs, and a cat - An unusually-crowded roadtrip to Silver Spring, Maryland.
21: three humans, two dogs, and a cat - An unusually-crowded roadtrip to Silver Spring, Maryland.
22: logistics with an undercurrent of rage - Ramona gets a deer leg and a fox hunt for Thanksgiving.
23: Ramona loves kids - Also, no evident protest at a Hyattesville Walmart on Black Friday.
24: injera and a steampunk ring - Driving back from Silver Spring.
25: sunless, partially-coffee-free Sunday - A day when heat is best obtained by burning wood and calories.
26: low headroom square light - The perfect overhead light for the greenhouse upstairs.
27: standards used just by me - Defining my own interfaces for Arduino.
28: memetic extrusion through N-dimensional space-time - Another great visualization that comes from smoking marijuana.
29: how best to project a design onto a painting - From the ancient grid technique to Project-A-Scope to an actual LCD projector.
30: Hurley is over eleven miles away - But curiosity has me driving there anyway.