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   Craigslist job hunt
Wednesday, February 20 2013
As the good job I've had for the past year has petered out, I've been looking for replacement work, though I've only been using Craigslist. Today I found a good stop-gap job making training software for a business school. By the end of the day it looked likely that I would have the gig, which hopefully I'll be able to complete quickly. Unlike the work I've been doing for the past year, the pay will be project-based and not time-based, and I've had bad experiences with that in the past. Still, I usually find myself being an optimist until circumstances fprce a change upon me. If I do get this job, it will be one of only three times that I've managed to get a job without the use of my social network.
I like Craigslist as a job hunting medium (or as a medium for any commercial search). The no-nonsense simplicity of the interface is like the Google interface, so free of distraction that it feels like an extension of the mind itself. Contrast this with the ugly minefield of or anything you ever find yourself having to do in the Yahoo universe (such as turning off emails from Hudson Valley Freecycle), just a couple examples of sites that are psychically painful to use. And they're getting worse. Recently web sites have begun forcing me to sit through 30 second advertisements before I am allowed to read their stupid web page. I don't see how sites that do that can survive competition with sites that don't.

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