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   March 2013

01: makeshift chili - Also: a return to tempeh manufacturing.
02: ixnay on the enispay - Fixing obsolete computer equipment, and what kids do when they're exploring heteronormative sexuality.
03: like accidental moments of melodic beauty - A moment of unintentional revelation in a behind-the-schenes episode of Gold Rush.
04: sound of distant troll feeding - News that Oberlin suspended classes for the day over racist incidents.
05: cooking performance anxiety - With hours of warning, I prepare a mediocre ethiopian dinner.
06: end of the illness-free streak? - An unusual feeling in my sinuses has me feeling less than 100%.
07: pseudoephedrine and last minute visitors - With the snow comes an unexpected houseguest.
08: a line of sufficient fineness - Buying a 24 pack of colored pencils just for the white one.
09: rocked by sneezes - Both me and my subconsciousness are not into this head cold thing.
10: homemade vegan parmesan cheese - It's good, but we have trouble finding television to watch while eating it.
11: a commemoration of Suzi - Ray, Nancy, Gretchen, and I eat Indian food and talk about aging.
12: framework for witty banter - I watch a final episode of this season's the Bachelor at Ray and Nancy's place.
13: never need to buy another razor - I realize that my burn rate through disposable razor heads is so slow that my current supply of them will last me the rest of my life.
14: raccoon in the grotto - I dispose of a dead creature for a neighbor.
15: pantomime-based laughter - After an art show in Stone Ridge, dinner at a nearby Japanese restaurant.
16: in the face of events that should have been blowing their minds - Tying to watch the Johnny Depp Dark Shadows film adaptation.
17: another OS hunt - Downloading .iso files and installing them, but the best, as it always turns out, is Windows XP.
18: an antler for Ramona - For the first time in my life, I find an antler on my own.
19: snow and Crocs - When there is too much snow for walking around in Crocs, I dig paths to the places I need to go.
20: inspection jinx is broken - I get the Subaru inspected and learn of the death of Jason Molina.
21: brute force instead of understanding - I find two very different ways to solve a problem.
22: no need to hoard goodies - Eating delicious giant beans and then getting diarrhea.
23: Fur Ball, 2013 - Boring and slightly-less boring times at Diamond Mills in Saugerties.
24: palpitating through New Jersey - Driving to Silver Spring for Passover and feeling anxious in my chest.
25: favorite Passover yet - The key to a good Passover is chaos.
26: Equal Justice Under Law - Protesting for gay marriage in Washington, DC.
27: Passover veggie burger - We make the mistake of getting veggie burgers at the Joyce Kilmer Service Area.
28: tame pickled peppers on my matzah pizza - And why that's not so great. Also some crazy dreams.
29: learning things I don't want to know - Interacting with Microsoft SQL Server just long enough to export data out of it.
30: experience with a good video card - Astounded by the performance of an expensive video card attached to a 10 year old processor playing a 9 year old video game.
31: prototypically Beckettian - Being a captive audience of a Samuel Beckett monologue.