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   snow and Crocs
Tuesday, March 19 2013
Something like four or five inches of wet snow had fallen during the night, conditions that normally would have resulted in an eventual loss of power, though that never happened. I might have gotten away without shoveling out the driveway, but I found it a welcome distraction from some web development tasks that ate up the balance of my day. Beyond shoveling out the driveway, I like to make it so that I can do all the things I need to do in our yard without having to wear any footwear more protective than a pair of Crocs. It's hard to walk through snow more than an inch or two deep in Crocs; the snow finds its way into the vent holes and other gaps. So I always clear the steps down to the brownhouse and then make a path to the woodshed. Those are the two most important outdoor destinations for me. The third most important destination is the mail box, but if I've dug out the driveway, I can get there in Crocs. Mind you, I don't consider Crocs footwear suitable for anything but walking around the yard when it's too cold to be barefoot. About the only other place I'll wear them is to Ray and Nancy's house. I haven't always had such a dim view of the dress-up possibilities of Crocs; I think they were the only footwear I had when Gretchen and I hitchhiked in Scotland. I also think I wore them on our 2005 trip to the Middle East, though I'd also brought dress shoes for Dina's wedding in Tel Aviv.

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