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Wednesday, March 13 2013
I spent most of the day working on this interim web project I managed to get via Craigslist. It's sort of a shitty gig compared to what I had been doing, but even if the pay doesn't end up being all that great, I think the work will end up being interesting. But first I had to get my mind around some odd choices made in the development of the proprietary framework I am working within. The framework provides a set of common resources for a series of web-based games. The back-end is all broken up into classes such as "Game," though most of the attributes of a game being played are, for whatever reason declared as static — meaning they are attached to the class and not to the specific object. This caused no end of confusion today when I tried to make sense of the objects by doing a var_dump of them. In these var_dumps, I found very little useful information. That was because all the information that I needed to work with was static and attached to the class, not the object. I don't think I've encountered this sort of thing before, and I'm at a loss as to why it was done this way.

After a day of such mental exertion, is was good to climb into the bathtub and run hot water onto myself. I realized today that I've only used two disposable razor heads on my Gillette Fusion razor since I got the thing back in 2006 (it had come free in the mail as an effort to hook me on expensive five-bladed razor heads). I think I used the first of the razor heads for only one and a half years, meaning that the current razor head has been in use for five years. If I live to be 100 and had started shaving the day I was born, at that rate I would only need 20 razor heads for an entire lifetime. Since I have 12 more razor heads (dating to a profligate period of five-finger discounts) and my life is half over, I should never need to buy another razor head.

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