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Tuesday, March 12 2013
Today was warm and rainy and, due to the persistence of my cold, I took another semi-recreational dose of pseudoephedrine (notice that I never take it two days in a row; I almost had a heart attack when I tried that in the Amazon of Ecuador).
Nancy had invited me over to her place to watch the final episode of this season's The Bachelor> But I've started feeling a little resentful about all the wasted hours I've put into ironically watching that show, so at some point this afternoon I had it in mind to use my head cold as an excuse not to go. But Gretchen was so excited about her alone time that she pretty much insisted that I get my fucking ass down there. So I ended up going. And of course I had a good time, though not so much because of the programming but because of the witty banter for which it provided a framework. I brought the dogs, Sarah the vegan came over, and Ray had the night off from work. He had made yet another delicious dinner, this one built around penne with a slutty puttanesca sauce as well as a salad, and I'd picked up an order of curly fries from the Hurley Mountain Inn on the way over.
In tonight's episode, for the first time ever, a minority won the Bachelor. The winner, Catherine, is half-Filipina, giving Ray the opportunity to crack yet more jokes about the orientation of her vagina (he has license to do that because he's a Filipino). But the truth of the matter is that she's a graphic designer from Seattle and he's a pastor's son from Texas who claims to be a "born again virgin." Tonight we were all in agreement that she is way too hip for the hayseed likes of him.

this morning we'd gone on another walk in the woods

Ramona on flooded Stick Trail near the house this morning. This is almost the same frame as this picture shot three years ago (though the dog in that picture was Sally). (Click to enlarge.)

Ramona stuck her face in this shot.

Moss on some shale cliffs near 41.928016N, 74.10308W

There is also this species of fern that only grows on these shale outcrops.

(Click to enlarge)

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