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Friday, March 1 2013
This evening I decided to make my first batch of tempeh in many months. As readers might recall, I began making tempeh a little over a year ago and gradually became more experimental in terms of what beans I used. Chick peas worked well, fava beans produced a wonderfully funky product, and black-eyed peas were a disaster (they produced a foul-smelling fluid that drained into the hot water pot that I use to indirectly heat my incubating tempehs, forcing me to disassemble and carefully clean it). Eventually I was contacted by a legal firm representing the Indonesian music company that had sold me my tempeh starter online and was informed that the starter might have been contaminated with salmonella. So I had to ship it back (I don't know if I ever actually got a refund on it). Only recently did I get replacement starter from a different company. Today I began the process of tempeh making by putting aside a pound of dry fava beans to soak. While I've had good luck with fava beans in the past, this batch would be experimental in that this time I intended to resist the urge to remove the leathery skins from each bean, a time-consuming process that I'd like to be able to avoid if possible (even though removing the skins seems to satisfy something obsessive-compulsive within my being).
While I was puttering around in the kitchen, Gretchen asked if maybe I was making something "for dinners." (She's adopted my habit of unnecessary pluralization in extremely-casual conversation.) So I assembled a makeshift chili using onions, cans of beans, various bit of dessicated vegan lunch "meat," fake sausage, and half-cans of refried beans and canned chili I found languishing in the back of the refrigerator. We didn't have any "green material" (lettuce or other salad greens), so I chopped up some celery and raddishes and Gretchen unearthed some dodgy snow peas.

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