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Thursday, February 28 2013

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York State, United States of America

After completing some annoying employment-related paperwork (a business contract, but, since I'd be working for academia, no confidentiality agreement), I rewarded myself with a beer and the grand finale of season three of Gold Rush (the most popular Friday-night viewing for American men of all ages). Though we'd just had a big tropical vacation and I should have been feeling rested and relaxed, the ordeal of yesterday's delay-plagued travel had both me and Gretchen feeling energetically depleted (though she actually had some sort of job to go to).
It was the 12th anniversary of the day we'd first gotten back together after an exactly 12 year estrangement, and if we weren't feeling so drained perhaps we would have gone out to celebrate. Instead we stayed in and Gretchen made some sort of Asian noodle dish using tempeh and Asian flavors, all things we'd been denied during our recent vacation.
Over dinner, we watched three episodes of the Jeopardy grand championship back-to-back. Again we were treated to the increasingly common experience of an African American winning the whole thing, which is always a cause for celebration in our household.
This would give me something else to troll about on Facebook when I would feel the need to rub racists' noses in the barely-sublimated racism that their Obama hatred inevitably represents. For example, this was a post I made tonight to a page railing at Obama for ordering flags flown at half mast for Whitney Houston and nothing at all for some white sniper dude who died in Afghanistan:

nobody ever sticks up for the white man! can we just have one white president? and can a white guy catch a break on jeopardy? stop asking about science stuff, it's TOO HARD!!!

Happily, the very next post was this:

^ that post was so retarded omg

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