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   July 2014

01: third refrigerator failure - Also, beginning work on the Subaru brake lines.
02: chocolate chip cookie icecream sandwich - A dinner party in southwest Kingston.
03: outside the two volume dictionary - Force to rely on something other than Google to confirm a word spelling.
04: two party fourth of July - From Palinville to Lake Hill.
05: too much snail, not enough cinnamon - A famous foodcart comes to an Upstate festival, and long dreary lines result.
06: keep pulling dogs apart - Ramona keeps having fights, and Gretchen makes brownies for friends and neighbors.
07: bear altercation in the Valley of the Beasts - This time it's almost bad enough to warrant the attention of a veterinarian.
08: Ramona: recovered, but what about that leg? - Ramona's scratches and lacerations are healing nicely one day after a bear attack, but now she's favoring the leg that received expensive surgery.
09: mailorder shopping spree - Lots of cardboard as I prepare the house for a house sitter.
10: Hedwig on Broadway - Celebrating a 11th or 13th anniversary.
11: dog park spectator - Also, great seats at Madison Square Park.
12: pole bean privacy fence - The sunflowers haven't panned out this year, so I'm depending on pole beans when I take a rain water shower in the yard after the sweaty chore of firewood salvaging.
13: kayak in a pond near the Hudson - We try out one of the new Oru kayaks.
14: DIY ingenuity vs. quality customer service - This time the latter wins.
15: one leg, two injuries - A rock hits my bone and a hornet stings my thigh.
16: first Katydid sighted in 2014 - Also, random kids loving our scratched-up Pit Bull.
17: sand and groceries - And dogs freaking out about a cyclist.
18: Woodchuck finally sleeps - I transition it to a modern Socket 1155 LGA motherboard.
19: kitten from Kerhonkson - Also, experiencing rolling coal in Stone Ridge.
20: Upstate warming - We hold a welcome to the Hudson Valley party for our friends Susan and David.
21: sleight of cat - Ramona and Celeste the kitten have become playmates.
22: clawed back from spammy oblivion - I forget to renew my registered domain name.
23: trying another housecall vet - Bad personal skills and battiness coupled with good animal skills and knowledge make for a keeper. Also, watching Botched.
24: going for uninterrupted sleep - Tweaking my new computer towards perfection. Also, a new homemade stool and a dinner party.
25: a range of Kingston real estate - Also, suspicious guys hunting a black male near the Ulster County SPCA, where our kitten is being spay/neutered.
26: new Hudson Valley residents - One of them is throwing up while the other tells us what he thinks of when he wants to throw up.
27: a sink that hasn't drained in eleven years - I finally do a long-procrastinated job.
28: third strike of the six - Verizon makes Gretchen watch a video.
29: cloaked from Verizon - Using my virtual private server to Bittorrent in a way that doesn't appear to be using Verizon.
30: no deal breakers? - I might actually be able to put together a working Linux-based desktop running KDE.
31: accumulated mosquito bites - A weird brake hose explosion and a lettuce bed temporarily taking the place of a garlic bed after an unexpectedly garlic harvest.