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   Ramona: recovered, but what about that leg?
Tuesday, July 8 2014
Ramona seemed a lot spunkier this morning than she had yesterday, though we were troubled by the fact that she now avoids putting weight on her rear right leg (the one that had received expensive surgery to correct a luxating patella back in 2012). The swelling had disappeared in her face and many of the things that had looked like injuries yesterday were no longer in evidence. Gretchen thought it best that she not go with Eleanor on the morning walk, so she (Gretchen) latched the pet door before leaving. After Gretchen and Eleanor had been gone for awhile and Ramona seemed to have given up on the walk, I unlatched the door and went upstairs to my laboratory. Within five minutes, Ramona had left the house and was running down the Farm Road to catch up. Oh well. Meanwhile, the Hurley vet was still overbooked, and it was seeming increasingly less likely that Ramona would be getting any professional medical attention for her latest altercation with a bear.

This afternoon and evening featured yet more thunderstorms, heavy downpours, internet outages, and even a power outage, this time lasting over an hour. [REDACTED]
Meanwhile Oscar the Cat is showing signs of gradually becoming comfortable in our house. He spends most of his time under the bed in the upstairs master bedroom (where, along with the adjacent bathroom, he is still confined), but he comes out when Gretchen or I go in there so that he can interact with us. His specialty is plowing aggressively into us with his head while purring loudly. For some reason, though, he doesn't want to get up on the bed, even with strong encouragement.

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