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Friday, November 21 2014
I went over to the Wall Street house at around noon today and proceeded to take care of some issues. One of the guys had mentioned something about running out of hot water, so I turned up the temperature of the water heater, hoping greater heat would make it go further in the mornings. (Evidently they both shower religiously every morning, which I think I also did back when I was their age.) I removed the doors from the upstairs bathroom and one of the bedrooms (those old paint-encrusted flat-headed screws were a bitch to get out), filled the holes with epoxy, and then rehung the doors slightly further out in the hinge sockets that had been chiseled into the door jam. This worked great for the bedroom door, but it only marginally improved the bathroom door. But now, at least, the bathroom door can finally be latched shut. The other thing I did while I was there was (following instructions found on the web) use vinegar and an iron to steam away the ugly stain in the big bedroom. The results, though not perfect, were a big improvement even if I did singe the carpet pile in places and imparted an unpleasant vinegar-cum-ancient-carpet funk to my fingertips that proved impossible to wash away.
Not long after I got home, Gretchen did that thing with the Natalie, the high school student who comes over for poetry mentoring. By that point I was feeling really sleepy, so I lay down in the coziness of the bed (always an inviting place on cold days) and slept for about an hour. I did not go with Gretchen when she went out with our friends to see the 1939 classic the Wizard of Oz at UPAC.

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