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   May 2015

01: portobello pizzas - Dinner and the movie Airplane! with friends in Saugerties.
02: accidental hydrocodone - Acting like summer is here.
03: even people who claim to get conceptual art - Ultimately, pretty art is just better than the stupid conceptual shit. A trip to a gallery in Jersey City.
04: hot day in early May - I help an elderly neighbor to her feet, make a trash run, and talk about the state of art out on the deck over pasta.
05: using greenhouse water - For the first time since excavating down to the water table, I have a use for a persistent body of well water in the greenhouse basement.
06: unpleasant Charlotte airport - On a flight to Asheville, I figure out what is wrong with the huge hub airport to its southeast.
07: breakfast in West Asheville - Vegan food that isn't quite vegan, and some that very much is. Also, mediocre IPAs.
08: the ghetto of Asheville - We drive to where we're told it is, but don't find more than a couple well-tended brick buildings.
09: Mt. Mitchell - At the highest point in the east, and our housesitter drives our Subaru until it breaks.
10: over the Great Smoky Mountains - Driving from Asheville to the home of Dollywood.
11: Dollywood - Also, our flight to Charlotte is canceled, so we catch a ride with a stranger named Bobby for Dallas.
12: Subaru damage assessment - Looking over the broken pieces of the Subaru's front end after our absence in the Near South.
13: fire safety duties of a landlord - Installing smoke detectors at the rental house. Also, Bering Sea Gold jumps the shark.
14: oh, it's an axle too - I jack up the Subaru and remove the broken pieces, only to discover that the front right axle is also broken.
15: damn pin - Trying to remove a broken axle from the Subaru, a security freakout on a website, and purple pie.
16: tramadol gets me through - I create a 34 k document and go over a 57 page PDF under the effects of this wonder drug.
17: sick for the first time in over five years - A lot has changed in my world since the last time I got sick.
18: pin punch shopping - Out and about the day after being essentially bedridden by illness.
19: fixed Subaru frontend - I get a sunburn, but the Subaru rolls again.
20: free dinner at Guido's - Lured by an early-bird special in hopes of opening our minds to the new world of investing.
21: disposable diaper in the yard - It's amazing what the dogs bring home.
22: because we're married - Playing board games and listening to actual CDs.
23: multiscreen sausage party - Mark and I hanging out in the laboratory.
24: dogs love fries - I buy fries to bring as something when visiting a friend, though I end up giving much of them to my dogs.
25: aborted at New Paltz - Gretchen's plans for Memorial Day are thwarted by automotive reality.
26: mid-century tax policy and Scientology - Watching Going Clear and listening to Ronnie James Dio.
27: no power white-trash dinner - Also, more complaints about being a reluctant server administrator.
28: mentees that were mentored - Gretchen and I check out the results of the Onteοra High School mentorship program.
29: inch-worms, birds, and earplugs - Another infestation in the local forest and also yet another fight among the dogs.
30: Red Onion three times - We keep going there and finding it too crowded in between catching a performance by some of the members of Bad Brains.
31: pizza topping theory - Getting more than a couple toppings is not cost-effective.