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   June 2015

01: cat porn - Watching both Game of Thrones and Treetop Cat Rescue.
02: June gloom in Upstate New York - And attaching copper pipes to my barometric wind vane.
03: a good use for marijuana crumbs - Checking for leaks on homemade meterological equipment.
04: accidental sensor drenching - From slobber and whatever was in my squeeze bulb.
05: another bowling bachelor party - It's what you do when you have a bachelor party in Kingston, NY.
06: café on the rail trail - Gretchen and I bike across the Rosendale trestle to a new café along the rail trail.
07: solitary horizon-splitting giant - Watching a brutal episode of Game of Thrones while stoned.
08: glass cutting roulette - Giving up on a glass cutter and using a diamond wheel attached ot a Dremel instead.
09: the passage of actual time - Also, watching the movie Boyhood.
10: awaking on the solar deck - Why you should not take Ambien while drinking.
11: the limits of two-color LEDs - I need a real red, but instead I get a yellowish-orange.
12: tongs from salvaged things found in the forest - I make a same-day fireplace tool as a gift.
13: sweep of the Ashokan Reservoir - Attending a wedding just south of the Ashokan.
14: shirtless man masala - Watching the final episode of this season's Game of Thrones with Ray and Nancy.
15: places where humans and cars go - A rainy day and a sore in my mouth, but I prune shrubbery when the weather allows.
16: perfect soil adulterant - Mowing grass and burying urine.
17: inclination towards appropriation - Two women have dinner with us out on the east deck.
18: vist after a 12 year absence - My childhood friend and his family comes to visit me in Hurley.
19: entirely adult adulthood - I show my childhood friend around Uptown Kingston.
20: hadn't felt the need to bark - Our guests leave on a cool gloomy day in June and Ramona doesn't alert me to a petition-carrying politician.
21: temporary ponds and rivulets - Lots of rain, so maybe the drought is over.
22: cheap 20 foot ladder - The cheapest ladders for trees are sold as hunting supplies.
23: across something like 14 hours - Oh how I hate communicating via Skype.
24: fire in the hole - Diarrhea containing jalapeños is the worst.
25: love for a bird - A warbler feeds a cowbird and Obamacare survives yet again.
26: red sauce and toast - The big gay rights decision and I discover a good way to eat leftover Italian sauce.
27: accosted by the curses - A rainy day with Indigo Bunting.
28: all but the most Adderall-enabled - Restarting my firewood gathering and banging my head against the wall with Angular.js.
29: return of the GreenWorks switch problem - Again I manage to make a homegrown repair to GreenWorks chainsaw.
30: slimy consistency subtracted - A poorly-packed backpack of firewood and strangely slimy boletes with pasta.