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Tuesday, June 16 2015
We're going to have a lot of friends visiting us this week, so I'm going to be waging cleaning jihads against the great infidel known as entropy. After a hard soaking rain, the clouds broke up and the sun came out, and at that point I could mow the grass. I did a complete mow, one that involved a round with the weedeater, producing a good facsimile of a manicured lawn (if one were willing to overlook the many holes dug by the dogs).
While mowing, I found a six-leaf clover, the third clover with more than three leaves I've found this season.

(That is Oscar the Cat in the lower right.)

I also buried all the urine that has been collecting from my urinal systems. Though I've buried dozens of five-gallon buckets soaked in urine in the main garden patch, it's rare that I encounter those leaves when I dig a hole to receive another such bucket. Today, though, I made a direct hit on a former burial. It was a seam of pine needles two or three inches thick and as black as coal. A section of the old pine needles contained needles that were largely intact, though another, probably older, section contained needles that had crumbled into a material that looked like a perfect soil adulterant for a garden.


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