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Monday, June 15 2015
It rained all day today, which made it seem almost like a hunker-down kind of day. I usually like rain at this time of year when there's a garden and there's been a drought, but it made me feel a little depressed, though this might have been mostly due to a sore that suddenly appeared in my mouth, an inflammation of a salivary duct. I've had this problem before and I know it will eventually go away, but it's in a part of my cheek that ensures that it's almost always being aggravated. It rubs against my teeth when I talk and eat, and sometimes I just feel it hurting when I'm doing nothing at all. Strangely, Anbesol has almost no numbing effect on it.
During various pauses in the rain, I went around the yard and along the path down to the greenhouse pruning bushes and shrubbery with pruning sheers, keeping the vegetation from encroaching on places where humans and cars go. I also made a quick little trail through the small pines and shrubs at the bottom of the slope below the house. It starts at the brownhouse and ends near the beginning of the Stick Trail, providing a better path for bypassing the house just to its east.

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