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   hardluck in the remains of a hurricane
Wednesday, October 28 2015
For dinner, Gretchen and I met Susan and David at Stella's, that Italian restaurant in Uptown Kingston we occasionally patronize (mostly for the bread and salad). It was Susan & David's first experience there, and the bread and salad did not disappoint, though Gretchen thought the pasta was even worse than usual (it's never that good to begin with).
Early in our conversation, David asked me to lay out the relationship between volts, amps, and watts. Later, he had another kooky calculation for me to make: how much semen is represented by the 7-some-billion people now on Earth? He didn't mean how much semen now exists, he meant how much semen was ejaculated to produce the pregnancies that resulted directly in those humans currently alive. I recalled that each ejaculation is, on average, 10 cubic centimeters (there is a band that takes their name from this rule of thumb), which means the ejaculations for 100 people fills a single litre. That meant that the amount of semen to produce the 7 billion now alive came to about 20 million gallons. In terms of nearby bodies of water, even Cooper Lake is much larger than 20 million gallons (it can hold 1.2 billion gallons). 20 million gallons is something like 30 Olympic swimming pools. Or, perhaps, Onteora Lake. Meanwhile, Susan discussed various things with Gretchen, none of which included her tick squisher idea or Cory Booker, though Susan did declare at some point that she is "a supertaster," which is the excuse she gives these days for why she rarely drinks alcohol.
Rain (the remains of Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful Hurricane measured so far) had been falling for much of the day, and it intensified during dinner. But then there was a fortuitous lull that allowed us get back to our cars. A guy stopped me to tell me his hardluck story using the expression, "excuse me, sir." Gretchen quickly came up with an excuse, saying we were in a hurry. She was offended that the guy had spoken to me with words that suggested that Gretchen either wasn't there or wasn't of enough importance to acknowledge."
Susan and David met us back at our house, and we all watched tonight's third Republican debate, which we'd recorded on our DVR. It was much less interesting than past Republican debates (or even the recent Democratic one) had been. At this point, there doesn't seem to be any downside at all for Republicans when they tell complete lies (such as the one Carson told discounting his involvement with a known medical fraudster). And whenever they're asked substantive questions, the crowd-pleasing hyperspace button to push and escape all possible peril is to accuse the questioner of being part of the liberal mainstream media. We didn't manage to watch the whole thing.

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