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Tuesday, January 15 2019
Things went better at work as I extricated myself from a couple tricky coding problems born of the complexity of migrating a complicated single-tier object-oriented Python application to a two-tier Electron environment written in two different dialects of Javascript. Nevertheless, I still feel a bit like a blind man who has been fondling an elephant for the better part of five minutes and isn't sure yet it's not a large and elaborate set of exotic furniture.
Meanwhile Gretchen had driven down to the City for the evening, so when I got home tonight I had to fend for myself (and do other tasks I normally delegate to Gretchen, such as preparing myself dinner and feeding Clarence his special diet of wet food and enzymes). When there are refried beans available, you don't get much more food bang for your investment of effort than quickie bean burritos. They consist of a whole wheat tortilla toasted directly on the stovetop, then smeared with refried beans and perhaps toasted some more (so as to heat that smear of beans secondarily). Then I cut up some jalapños, throw in some fresh lettuce or spinach, roll it up, and eat. I had three of these quickie burritos over the course of the evening, and they were pretty good so long as I didn't put too much green material in them.
I also put some finishing touches on the kitchen chandelier. Gretchen thought the unglazed footer ring on the bottom of the plate I'd repurposed as a canopy looked "dirty" and she wanted me to paint it white. So I did, though I confess the "dirty" ring was a better transition color betwen the white of the plate itself and the copper disk I'd glued to circle inside the footer. I also replaced the tiny hose clamp I was using to secure the canopy at the top of the stem with a copper pipe bracket I'd refashioned into a clamp-like device tightened with a bolt. It better matched the surrounding copper, though it still had to have that little bolt hanging off the side in order to function as intended.
I had a good experience drinking kratom tea tonight, though just before I went to bed, I elected to take an ambien so I could stay up and experience it recreationally. But, strangely, it seemed to have no effect on me whatsoever. I stayed up a good hour after I took it, and, if there were any effects, they were restricted to imposing some apparent waviness on my visual field. (This is something I frequently notice when enjoying ambien recreationally; it's as if everything I an seeing is woven like a basket.)

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