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   coatimundis and howlers pass through
Wednesday, January 30 2019

location: Casa Trogon, Agua Vista Lodging, Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

A large group of coatimundis showed up at the plunge pool this morning and began drinking out of it. They weren't concerned to see us nearby, though they did keep an eye on us. And then they disappeared into the jungle.
Since I have the ThinkPad T61 in addition to my HP Envy x360, I wondered if I could run some software on it to make it function as a third monitor. Especially with the kind of work I am doing (which requires flipping between two text editors showing code in two different languages and a window showing the behavior of the application being developed), the more monitors I have, the easier it is to work. So I tried a program called SpaceDesk, which runs as a server on a computer that would like another monitor and as a client on a computer that is to act as that monitor. But for whatever reason I kept getting cryptic errors and I couldn't get SpaceDesk to work.
It being a Wednesday, a woman came by to clean our casita. I remained working at the picnic table in the roofed (but otherwise outdoors) "dining room" area of our casita, which kept me mostly out of the way.


When Gretchen left for class, she took the SUV, which made it much easier for her to drive back home. As sundown approached, a group of howler monkeys gradually coming from the east moved through the forest just north of the casita, providing several opportunities for me to snap photographs.
We took a mulligan on the spaghetti and tried again tonight and had much better success using different sauce and a mix of regular and wholewheat spaghetti.

A coatimundi at the plunge pool.

A black striped sparrow looking for crumbs swept from beneath the picnic table where I work.

A male howler monkey (with balls!) in a tree just north of the casita.

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