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   May 2020

01: call of the American toad - Also, breaking down a bad record player and suffering at the hands of a bad internet router, followed by the joy of replacing it.
02: return to the Wallkill for another lupper - This time we brought condiments and drove in an electric car.
03: Neville hears a dog he likes - Another Zoom videocall and I spend a lot of time climbing up and down a ladder to adjust an antenna that mostly failed to work.
04: notes in the Asian food - Not everything Gretchen makes in the kitchen is completely to my liking.
05: unexpectedly three in the office - During the lock down, three of us return to the office on the same day, all of us for different reasons and expecting to be there alone.
06: no new topics - How to wind down a phonecall you'd rather not be continuing to have.
07: perfunctory mask wearing - If it doesn't cover your nose and you sneeze, you really haven't done me much of a favor.
08: piece of junk - Not loving the Rheem/Ruud brands after another day of anode hell. But I get to revel in some Linux admin glory after upgrading Nginx the hard way.
09: wintery anniversary - We celebrate our wedding anniversary without going out or buying anything.
10: pre-Powerful jihad - The day before a new resident arrives (this time from prison), I do some cleaning up.
11: Gunther room's latest occupant - Gretchen picks up Powerful from Fishkill State Correctional Facility.
12: coronavirus evidently not present - Powerful gets his test results back.
13: Python to the rescue - A script to import SQL Server Databases into Dia documents.
14: epoxy tank patch - Fixing another basement leak.
15: adware in 2020 - Sites exploiting the Chrome notifications feature.
16: sunny day joy ride - The Nissan Leaf makes me want to impulsively drive places.
17: best case cable routing - Sometimes none of the bad things that can happen actually do.
18: garden starting finished, 2020 - Also, not getting what I went for at Home Depot, though I did get a pipe for an antenna mast.
19: 240 volt Leaf charging - We can now charge our car at a rate of about 24 miles per hour.
20: prison fried rice - Powerful makes us his first dinner.
21: large telescoping antenna - Using three sizes of conduit pipe to make a tall antenna mast.
22: not letting the bus turnaround be a pleasant place to shoot - I break out the megaphone and Gretchen calls the sheriff.
23: lost hammer in the forest - I don't tell you how I lost it, just how I tried to find it again.
24: barred owl friend - After I berated ammosexuals through a bullhorn, an owl in the forest reached out to me.
25: ghosted by the owl - The owl is unimpressed with my whistling, and I continue my heckling of ammosexuals.
26: only dealing with the real assholes - What the megaphoning of ammosexuals has left us with. And getting bogged down in the EFI shell.
27: EZPass website and Harbor Breeze remotes - Two things engineered to cause discomfort.
28: ejecting the sligs - A few minutes removing slugs from garden plants after a rain is time well-spent.
29: especially hard-to-eject ammosexuals - Megaphoning and even notes left on their vehicles were not enough.
30: a touch of Blair Witch Project - Experiments with parking cars at the bus turnaround and leafletting.
31: firepit weather - A social distancing dinner party with our friends from Tivoli.