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Tuesday, May 26 2020
A whole bunch of packages arrived for me today via various shipping services. This included a box of tools (mostly screwdrivers, wrench and socket tools from Harbor Freight as a small toolkit for the Nissan Lead), a cheap graphing digital Geiger counter (for the next global calamity), a high-end guy wire ring clamp for supporting antenna masts, and a cheap ($100) 14 inch ultranotebook intended to replace my living room Chrombook (which can no longer play audio after being left in the rain).
The ultranotebook was a Hyunadai Onnyx II with a tiny built-in 32 GB hard drive. It was a refurbished unit that came with no operating system, booting only to a text-based EFI shell. Usually the plan with a new computer is to either install a new hard drive or to boot from a DVD (or USB) installer and install the OS that way. But the EFI shell was proving to be an obstacle. I could boot into it and bring up a help screen. But then I couldn't really do anything useful. It had a few Unix-like commands such as ls, but these always threw obscure errors. And when I'd go into the American Megatrends BIOS setup trying to mount volumes, the only option was to boot in the the EFI shell. This continued for some time until I finally found myself able to explore the directory trees of volumes using the EFI shell, though I couldn't run any executables I found. Then, the next time I booted the computer into the BIOS setup, I saw that the USB stick with a Windows 10 installer on it was now available as a boot drive. From there, I was able to carry on as normal, and Windows 10 installation proceeded without complications. Unfortunately, the ultranotebook cannot accept normal 2.5 inch drives, but it does have a bay for a tiny M.2 2242 SSD, which is the only option if you're not happy with a 32 GB boot drive.

This evening Powerful made two dishes for dinner: a curried cabbage and red-beans with broccoli, both prepared prison-style and served with brown rice (in prison, though, only white rice is available). Both dishes were a bit low on salt for Gretchen and me, but that's just because we use it so freely. Powerful has spent 25 years in prison, where food is only rarely "properly salted" to our standards, so normal salting tastes oversalted to him. He even described feeling sick after eating something in prison that he regarded as extremely oversalted.

I responded with the megaphone to ammosexuals at the bus turnaround in two separate sessions today, once in the early afternoon, when I felt like I managed to shut them down, and once after dinner. That second time, the gunfire continued even after I'd returned home, and it was enough of a fuck-you (back to me) to leave me feeling discouraged about the whole megaphone effort. I think, though, that it has been somewhat successful. We're down to only dealing with the real assholes at this point, having scared away all the people who thought the bus turnaround might be a community-endorsed gun range.

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