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Sunday, May 17 2020
Sundays are usually rather busy for me, and today was no exception. Aside from a little time wasted here and there still trying to perfect television reception from antennas on the solar deck, I mostly worked on starting the garden and routing thick wire through plastic conduit from the boiler room to the edge of the parking area. This involved drilling through the thick ten-or-twelve-inch concrete-block wall of the basement, though that's not as hard as it sounds, as the blocks are made of a combination of cement and styrofoam beads. It was also relatively easy to get the wall penetration exactly where I needed it, as there was an existing air intake for the boiler adjacent to where I wanted to run the cable. Usually all the things that can go wrong do go wrong when one is routing cable, but none of these happened to me, and I was able to get cable into conduit terminating on one end where I wanted it on the outside of the garage and in the boiler room on the other.
As for the gardening, I'd done a most amount earlier in the day. But then Gretchen brought home a bunch of seedlings from Sunfrost in Woodstock (operating only on an order-online-and-then-pick-up pandemic basis). I was content to just leave those plants for tomorrow, but then one of our dogs (I didn't see who) smelled something delicious in the new plants and knocked the whole tray off the stone retaining wall, where they ended-up face-down in the driveway. This forced me to immediately salvage and plant what I could of the plants, many of which had been dumped from their containers and some of which had been smushed.
Meanwhile, Gretchen and Powerful had been making homemade pizza. It featured mushrooms, olives, two kinds of vegan cheese, and a pepperoni made by the Herbivorous Butcher. We ate it out on the east deck and it was amazing, though there wasn't quite enough of it.
Later I took a bath, this time up in the second floor bathroom (since my usual bath-taking bathroom has become Powerful's personal bathroom). That upstairs bathtub has never been fun to bathe in, mostly because the shower heads tend to drip whenever any water is run in the system, even when the shower function isn't specified. That dripping water is cold and miserable, which particularly affects someone like me who wants to be in the bathtub as I fill it. For my next bath, I will be putting a back over the dripping showerhead in hopes that will capture all that Chinese water torture.

Diane was bothering this fairly-large rat snake on the edge of the driveway this afternoon. But the snake was holding her own enough for me to get my camera and see how it played out. The snake would strike and Diane would jump away. Eventually the snake made a break for it and quickly vanished into the bushes. You can see that her camouflage would make her invisible to anyone who didn't know she was there. Click for a wider view.

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