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   garden starting finished, 2020
Monday, May 18 2020
It was a cloudy day but not unseasonably cool. It's looking like that last fire we had in the woodstove last week marked the end of the 2019-2020 heating season. In the late morning I took a break from being in front of my computer and went out to the garden, where Powerful was planting seedlings in the plot he'd cleared the day before yesterday. I quickly tilled the remains of "my" plot (the primary garden plot at the eastmost end, nearest the house). I then started planting. Powerful was amazed at the rate I was planting them, and when he commented on this, I replied in a way that later paraphrased as "I'm not playin'." (I would be more likely to say something like, "I'm not fucking around.")
Late this afternoon I drove the Nissan Leaf out to Home Depot to get some more equipment for the recharging station project. Unfortunately, the main thing I needed (an outdoor box for the 240 volt plug) was something I selected but (due to its bland visual appearance) neglected to carry to the checkout. One thing I did remember was a ten foot piece of 1.5 inch metal conduit, a new base for my laboratory antenna mast (the salvaged one I've been using as walls that are too thick to allow a piece of 1.25 inch metal conduit to telescope within it). For some reason, everyone in the store was avoiding self-checkout, perhaps because it meant they would have to handle a wireless barcode reader that had been handled by others. I'd rather not touch things others have handled (even when a pandemic isn't raging), but if it means I don't have to wait in line, I can remember which hand is contaminated long enough to get home and wash it before sending one of its fingers up one of my nostrils.

Gretchen had gotten carry-out from the Garden Café after the end of her bookstore shift, and tonight she plated it all for herself, me, and Powerful. The soup was cream-of-mushroom, which didn't much remind me of the Campbell's version (the only form of that I know), and there were also fancily-prepared portobello mushrooms, rigatoni pasta with red sauce, potatoes, and cæsar salad. Gretchen had overcompensated for my complaints about too little pizza yesterday, and my plate actually had more food on it than I could eat.

The started garden, from a RaspberryPi surveillance robot I installed today on the solar deck. Click to enlarge.

The started garden, with Powerful (left) and me. Click for a wider view.

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