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   ejecting the sligs
Thursday, May 28 2020
It was cloudy today and rain kept threatening to fall without ever quite doing that. By this evening, though, a light drizzle was enough to make the garden perk up. With the mist came slugs, most of them no longer than a half inch. I gathered a couple dozen of these off the garden plants (mostly lettuce) and flung them into the forest or the road, places from which it seemed unlikely they would return. [This worked better than expected, and I would find few slugs on the lettuce the next morning. Given that they're the worst pest in the garden right now, the few minutes spent removing them was thus time well spent.]

I decided to cover all the outside surfaces of my new Hyundai Onnyx II ultrabook with black duct tape, thereby protecting its immaculate exterior from all the wear and tear likely to come from using this computer as my preferred travel machine. I liked the punk-rock wallet quality this gave it. It's also always a plus to conceal all corporate branding. (I never want to have to explain that Hyundai apparently makes things other than vehicles.)

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