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   diarrhea and poblano
Monday, August 17 2020
I had terrible diarrhea this morning, though, strangely, it wasn't particularly uncomfortable so long as I could make it to a toilet. Usually with diarrhea the relief of getting a toilet is often tempered by the agony that will soon be emanating from your asshole. With this, I got to the toilet, and a fluid nearly as thin as urine poured from my anus. And that was it until I had to do it again. I'm not sure the origin of this particular bout. It might've been yesterday's diet of day-old cold pizza followed by delicious tofu tacos, or perhaps it had something to do with the several drinks I'd had containing a fair amount of Gran Agave Blanco tequila.
In the upstairs tub installation project, I spent much of the day waiting for things to dry. At first this was a final round of wood filler to make a perfect transition between the platform and the edge of the tub. When that was dry, I did a final sanding, vacuumed up the dust, and then started painting on multiple coats of Mapelastic AquaDefence to the platform, the lower part of the wall above it, and the edge of the tub. That stuff is complicated chemically, and in the old days you'd want a lot of ventillation when painting something like that. But this stuff has so little odor that I wasn't even worried about it affecting my sleep in the adjacent bedroom when applying a final coat before jumping in bed.
This evening Powerful made us a spaghetti dinner with hearty red sauce containing chunks of vegan sausage. I sprinkled tiny cubes of poblano pepper on mine; our garden is starting to produce poblanos almost as fast as I can eat them.

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