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   September 2020

01: dysphoric soldering - I can't get two fittings to solder together, which I usually can (even when they weren't designed to be).
02: fucking Javascript frameworks - Are there any web developers who know what they're doing anymore?
03: the pond behind Hasbrouck - We watch a move in pandemic conditions in Stone Ridge.
04: Love on the Spectrum - Watching a reality show with Gretchen.
05: reminding me of my mother's fishy meal - Gretchen and Powerful cook a meal based on wild rice and tofu that makes me nostalgic.
06: skateboard prey animal in Woodstock - Also: a delicious quesadilla and a friendly deer.
07: cheap gin instead of isopropyl? - Also: you can still get regular (unadulterated) pseudoephedrine at real drug stores.
08: best of the Fussies - Our newish neighbor is better than expected.
09: resurrecting an invisible fence - Though 500 feet is not quite enough wire.
10: tiny roasted baby potatoes - Ramona gets unexpectedly inexpensive dental work and we have a 50s-style vegan meal.
11: nineteen 9Eleven - The white mushroom-cloud-shaped thing you're seeing is an actual mushroom.
12: September evening cardboard fire - To which I add an actual log of wood.
13: my side of the bed smelled like something Ramona had rolled in - What I smell as I watch Sunflower Bean videos.
14: slimy boletes - This mushroom is plentiful this year, but it didn't produce quite the dish I wanted.
15: eight-year-procrastinated gutter - Also, enormous custom pizzas.
16: pseudephedrine-related gut complaint - But my desire to eat delicious pizza is undiminished.
17: big unhelpful muddle - Technology today is a mess.
18: in one particular pancreas - Ruth Bader Ginsberg unexpectedly dies.
19: breaded & fried deliciousness - My first experience breading and frying something.
20: sick of chicken of the woods, 2020 - Also, another Zoom call with the fam fam.
21: chipmunks, blue jays, and squirrels - Also, another Zoom call with the fam fam.
22: cursing red squirrel - Doesn't matter that he or she has an acorn in his or her mouth.
23: fucking environment variables - You have to reboot the damn computer for changes to register. Another reason Windows needs to fucking die.
24: coerced spaghetti dinner - Powerful hadn't cooked in awhile, but tonight he did.
25: finding hope - Gretchen making lemonade out of the lemons in the news.
26: greeting neighbors - Gretchen making lemonade out of the lemons in the news.
27: extremely hot yellow pepper - You can't know how hot a pepper is from eating only one slice.
28: immunity next door - Our new neighbors all already had the coronavirus.
29: acid reflux and debate - Sarah the Vegan attends the first Trump-Biden debate of 2020 as an honorary member of our pod.
30: reflux and influx - The former causes me to appreciate the solar version of the latter down in the greenhouse.