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Wednesday, September 2 2020
It was rainy for much of the day, which suppressed gunfire down at the bus turnaround and made it so the walks didn't get walked until I took them at around 4:00pm this afternoon. Meanwhile in the workplace, I found myself at wit's end due to troubles migrating modules and components from a working Angular project into a brand new one (the kind created with ng new). My Angular-based Electron app is extremely stable, and I can change its behavior reliably. But my inability to easily take things I built within it and graft them into a new project is one indication of what a mess modern Javascript frameworks have become. There are multiple issues that can arrise in the course of such attempts, some of which are based on version conflicts, and all of which produce errors mostly unrelated to the underlying problem. I feel like we've arrived at a point of developmental sclerosis, where whole swaths of possibility lie unreachably behind a time horizon of effort, and only the very best software developers are able to produce anything at all. Things didn't used to be this way. I get the feeling that the salary I can command is just going to keep increasing as the tasks I find impossible (or nearly so) keep proliferating.

Some sort of Amanita I encountered in the forest today while walking the dogs.

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