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Wednesday, September 23 2020 [REDACTED]

Since January, a Ukranian outsourcing team has been been building a web app under the direction of me and my boss Alex. Today I was finally able to get it working, both front-end and back-end, on a local machine here on Hurley Mountain. That wasn't easy. The app consists of layers upon layers within two frameworks that (to me) seem needlessly complicated (Angular and DotNetCore). Being the technical lead, I really should understand these things better than I do, but for now I have to find satisfaction in getting the damn thing to work on a machine that is not in Ukraine. It bears mentioning that there is something seriously wrong with Windows environment variables, the kind that are set up by right-clicking on My Computer and then going to Advanced system settings (everything I ever need to do is "advanced") and then clicking the Environment Variables button. In practice, after changing these, you have to fucking reboot the whole damn computer for the changes to take effect. I searched the internet for how to do this without rebooting the computer, but the damn script didn't work, and who has the hours in the day to research why? But having to reboot the whole damn thing and then recompile the Angular frontend and restart the debugging of the C# backend all stood as a monumental obstruction in every little test I needed to perform. Such infuriating time sinks simply don't exist in the world of Unix-based operating systems, which probably means Windows is doomed in the long run. (My preferred platform, though, is still Windows 7, where none of these problems actually crop up when working in non-Microsoft technology stacks.)

This evening after Gretchen got home from her bookstore shift, I took the Nissan Leaf on a somewhat-impulsive post-sunset drive to Lowes to get eschutcheons for the upstairs tub project. One of these will need to be cut to allow for the proximity of tiles, and I'd already cut one poorly and needed a couple more for subsequent attempts.
Back at the house, I ate sandwiches built mostly around poblano peppers and faux cheese; nobody had made dinner. Gretchen had worked all day and so had I, so neither of us were in the mood to do that. As for Powerful, he was hiding out in his room.

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