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   my side of the bed smelled like something Ramona had rolled in
Sunday, September 13 2020
I've been trying to finish some of the unfinished projects in the laboratory so as to reduce the number of piles (or reduce the height of those piles). One of those unfinished projects consisted of a bidet hose, something I'd bought after returning from India (where such hoses largely replace toilet paper). But then it turned out that I didn't have the plumbing bits necessary to attach the hose to the existing toilet's cold water supply (this was in the upstairs bathroom). It doesn't take much for me to justify an outing on Sundays, since I'm trying to drive the Subaru once a week to keep its batteries charged and its leaking tire inflated. I ended up driving out to 9W and getting some brass pieces and a pack of AAA batteries from a big box store. On the drive back home, I stopped at the Boices Lane Stewarts to get a sixer of Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA. It's not the best IPA, but it was the best one in their beer cave (yes, that Stewarts has a beer cave).
An hour or two after I got home, someone started shooting down at the bus turnaround. So I grabbed a cold beer and the megaphone and went off on a heckling run, eventually heckling the gunfire into silence. By the end there, I was just growling and grunting.
Back at the house, Gretchen had just returned home, and she could tell from the way I was talking that I was already drunk. In addition to the IIPA, I'd been drinking mixed beverages containing tequila. [REDACTED]
This evening, Gretchen and the dogs carpooled with Kasey, our across-the-road neighbor, to Hasbrouck House to see A League of Their Own with Sarah the Vegan and Nancy. Meanwhile I took a bath and then watched Sunflower Bean videos on YouTube until my diphenhydramine kicked in. My side of the bed smelled like something Ramona had rolled in, and I couldn't find a place anywhere where I could put my nose and not smell it.

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