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   chipmunks, blue jays, and squirrels
Monday, September 21 2020
I'd deliberately avoided caffeine yesterday, so today when I drank my tea, it put a bit more skip in my step than usual. It's good to do this as frequently as I can bear to do it.
I keep having to rescue chipmunks that the cats have been bringing into the house. Mostly they seem terrorized but physically okay by the time I find them. I scoop them up in a dustpan and take them outside, and they are in too much shock to try to flee. There are also a great many squirrels doing things around the house, building elaborate nests in the trees, storing acorns in the woodshed, and even venturing up to the east deck. In terms of birds, this season seems to have brought a lot of blue jays, a pair of which I photographed drinking out of the woodshed's rain barrel (which must be full for water to be above the mosquito net).
I'm still in post-the-death-of-Ruth-Bader-Ginsberg news avoidance mode, listening instead to Dave Ramsey, the Atheist Experience, To Catch a Predator content, and even YouTube clips of people telling the desperate how to get started in web development. This evening, though, I happened to notice that the stock market was experiencing a big drop, so I tuned in enough just to savor that story. Anything bad for the American economy is good for America if it it helps us shed Donald J. Trump.

Thirsty blue jays at the woodshed rain barrel.

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