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   skateboard prey animal in Woodstock
Sunday, September 6 2020
Late this afternoon I took a nice hot bath, illuminating my reading material with my little USB-chargeable battery-powered light. With that, and tub, and tiles, and the homemade faucet system (which still is waiting for the other faucet), it's an easy setup to fetishize.
Meanwhile Powerful had been working on a brick repointing job for Rebecca at a house in Elmendorf Street in Kingston. Soon after he returned from that, we went in the Prius to Woodstock to meet Gretchen at the Garden Café. It being Labor Day weekend, Woodstock was crowded with people, many of them in the village green gathered around a drum circle (today someone had brought a flute). The Garden was also crowded, but Gretchen had already arranged for us to get a seat, so our wait wasn't too long. Powerful likes the drum circle, so he and Neville were over there while I stayed closer to the Garden in case our table became available. I'm used to keeping Ramona away from other dogs, but today she lunged at a skateboarder, evidently mistaking him for a non-human prey animal. Some minutes later, Neville did the same thing, surprising a distracted Powerful, who was on the other end of his leash.
Lots of people had dogs at the Garden, so at times I had to keep Ramona on a short leash. At least nobody freaked out her being a black dog.
For dinner, I ordered the vegetable quesadilla, which is my new favorite thing there (though unfortunately it's not on the permanent menu). I also drank two Abbey Ales. Powerful also ordered the vegetable quesadilla, but he didn't like it as much (he didn't touch the vegan sour cream or guacamole).
We left Powerful in Woodstock with the Prius so he could do his own freerange thing and returned home together in the Leaf.


I made the friendly deer who lives at the end of Old Forge Road in Woodstock part of my covid selfie.

Powerful and Neville at the edge of the Woodstock drum circle.

Neville lunges at a skateboarder, surprising Powerful.

Gretchen with Ramona in front of the Garden Café.

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