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   October 2020

01: dry hemlock kindling in the fire pit - A socially-distanced dinner party over at Ray & Nancy's house.
02: cool-weather neighbor party - Neighbors from both down the hill and across the street come to evening events at our house.
03: live to see that - News about Trump's health reminds me of news from North Korea when the dictator is on his deathbed.
04: satisfying Sunday substance sequence - Somehow not even missing caffeine on a day I go without it.
05: sweet and not sweet black bean tempeh stew - Powerful cooks another meal after another crazy news day in which an ailing Trump attempts to channel Mussolini on a balcony.
06: Claudia vs the school of North Korea - Still trying to get enough news about steroid-addled Trump.
07: constipated half smile - Pence debates Harris with that look on his face.
08: late cabbage soup dinner - A bit tough for my liking.
09: guarding puke - Neville can't keep all the delicious moldy food in his stomach. Also, the death of another college friend.
10: nicest day in October - Gretchen maximizes the socializing possibility before the coming of a covid winter.
11: ratcheting down of consumer freedom - Windows 10 refuses to install in anything but S mode.
12: fire pits and chilly weather - We might be reaching the seasonal limits for outdoor entertainment.
13: yams vs. sweet potatoes - Gretchen starts teaching a poetry class on Zoom and Powerful makes pasta carbonara.
14: stagger adding - Two different kinds of spaghetti with from-scratch pasta sauce.
15: tragic fate of an old smartphone - You need to follow the instructions on those damn YouTube videos.
16: rainy pandemic road trip - Driving to Washington, DC to visit the in-laws for the first time in years.
17: Black Lives Matter Plaza - A shell-casings-to-bells ritual and we show Powerful the center of American political power.
18: long brunch with with social-distancing exception - The metal artist from yesterday join us for a very long meal where we decide coronavirus measures aren't necessary.
19: Indian food along the New Jersey Turnpike - Driving back from Washington, DC in a pandemic.
20: unrequested two-factor - Now I can't access my accounts because of new security schemes I didn't ask for.
21: maybe I'm not an impostor - I even have skills in a field for which I do not claim to be especially skilled.
22: fire pit and debate - A warm evening on the night of the last debate of 2020.
23: the exercise of daily writing - Another great October evening at the fire pit.
24: a little cold for a outdoor socializing - Chrissy's new place and behind the house of our across-the-street neighbor.
25: really need subtitles - Unless you know Hebrew and Bulgarian, you will need them to watch the new Borat film.
26: rainy late October - Not even a fire pit can work against it.
27: Jeopardy! in the Before Times - We accidentally watch an old episode shot well before the ongoing pandemic. Also, the hell of unusual wall warts.
28: hippie punching and sentencing disparities - Another socially-distanced evening at the firepit, though eventually I weary of the conversation.
29: doggy litterbox - Neville hates to go outside in the rain.
30: longest time in a job - I break the record for number of days in a job.
31: first frost of the late pandemic - The growing season of 2020 comes to an end.