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   late cabbage soup dinner
Thursday, October 8 2020
I had another day of extreme news distraction, to the point where I've become somewhat disgusted with myself. What does it take to break out of this? Adderall? The absence of an internet connection? I'm sure I must not be the only one with this problem, especially given all the people who, like me, are working from home. But I feel like my problem is unusually severe.

I took a bath this evening, and it would've been great except for the squawking of a loud bird somewhere nearby. I got out of the tub to investigate and decided it might be in the soundtrack of the program Gretchen was watching on the teevee. Later tonight, though, as I was falling asleep, the squawking started up again. It turned out there was a bird in the bedroom, which Oscar had just discovered (or rediscovered). Gretchen took it outside and it immediately flew away, indicating it was at least healthy enough to fly.

This evening Powerful resumed the online vegan cooking course Gretchen managed to get for him 100% free months ago. He spent hours in the kitchen first making a vegetable stock and then making a soup based on it. It was a cabbage soup, which wasn't finished until 9:00pm and I didn't end up liking. The cabbage was still kind of tough, there were a lot of carrots, and there were herbal notes I didn't much like. But it was good to see Powerful finally taking advantage of one of the many things Gretchen has managed to arrange for him.

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