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   Claudia vs the school of North Korea
Tuesday, October 6 2020
It's really hard to focus on work when the President of the United States is a steroid-addled maniac doing extremely unpredictable things. Today he blew up negotiations with the evil Democrats on a stimulus package, thereby owning the absence of such a package going into election day. Any politician with a reasonable sense of what to do and not do politically would've avoided such an obvious self-pwn, but we're talking about Trump here, who has always been kind of bad at this stuff (and in 2016 just happened to luck out). But the new 'roid-addled Trump is closer to an enraged baboon than he is to a conventional politician. For all these reasons, I had trouble getting enough news to satisfy myself. is a liberal politics blog I just discovered that updates frequently, but even it couldn't keep up with my demand. Its best contribution to my day was tipping me off to the TikTok antics of Claudia Conway, the bratty liberal daughter of Trump lackey Kellyanne Conway. She's been providing Trump health updates that are more reliable (if vague) than those provided by Trump's doctor, who sounds like he learned how to do press conferences in North Korea.
Gretchen cooked an Asian-style meal while I was bathing this evening, and when I finally ate it, I realized it was one of those few meals she cooks that I do not like. It was Asian and contained angelhair pasta, edamame beans, and that Asian flavor I do not like. It could smell it on my fingers hours later and it grossed me out. I have to find some way not to eat such a meal next time Gretchen cooks it.

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