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   first frost of the late pandemic
Saturday, October 31 2020 [REDACTED]

We had our first frost this morning, and it was hard enough to blacken and destroy the cell structure of peppers out in the open, though those sheltered by the pepper bush were still in good shape. I also gathered a few good tomatoes later in the day.
One of two panagrams in the New York Times Spelling Bee was "backward," with the only vowel, "a," being in the center, meaning all words we could see were valid. This was a particularly easy Spelling Bee, because it only took us a half hour to be awarded "Queen Bee," meaning we'd found all the available words. We'd only ever seen that once before.
While Gretchen was out walking the dogs, I took a my firewood backpack and big battery-powered chain saw some distance down the Stick Trail (at least a quarter mile) to salvage a mixed load of standing dry red oak (which I cut down) and some scraps of already-fallen chestnut oak. The load was so heavy that I had to sit down and rest along the way. There aren't many places where it's easy to set down and then pick up such a heavy load. The ideal such place would be a large stump, but there are no large stumps anywhere along the Stick Trail. I've thought of building resting platforms (either from treated lumber or piles of bluestone) but so far no such platforms exist.

Powerful recently took delivery of an Amazon Firestick, which he believes will allow him to watch all manner of video content for free. Trying to get it working with his monitor has been a challenge, since it only outputs HDMI, and the monitor only has a DVI connector, meaning it cannot produce any audio. I solved the problem this evening by pulling our old 42 inch television out of storage (I'd hidden it behind a low bookcase against the 45-degree ceiling-wall of the teevee room). We'd had that television since buying it on Craigslist or eBay and having Ray deliver it from the City back in 2010. That was back when large-form teevees were still expensive. Its replacement, a 55-inch SmartTV we bought nearly two years ago, was both bigger and cheaper even though it was new. (Television manufacturers now mostly sell television hardware at a loss, making up the difference by monetizing the tracking of the people using their televisions.)

This evening Powerful made a large seitan roast using mostly powdered wheat protein and homemade barbecue sauce as ingredients, following a recipe from his online vegan cooking school. It was very good, and there was plenty leftover for making sandwiches tomorrow.

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