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   July 2020

01: dining table in the yard - Powerful's first birthday as a free adult.
02: Woodstock phase of Powerful's birthday - This time we dine at a restaurant and then walk slowly through the village.
03: Itsy Bitsy with microphone - Initial experiments with an autonomous Disturbatron.
04: fireworks to the east - People bored from the pandemic put on ad hoc displays nearby. Also: I really cannot watch adaptions of comic books.
05: social-distancing slip-up - Surprised to find visitors sitting around the dining table instead of out on the east deck.
06: bad delivery staging - A new tub for the upstairs bathroom.
07: imperfect delivery - Not impressed by a box from Imperfect Foods.
08: tehnical limits of DIY - The Prius develops a mysterious problem that I am unable to solve.
09: downhill neighbors' place is for sale - On a drive to charge the Subaru's battery, I notice a sign at the end of a driveway.
10: two frogs and a mouse - An account of cat carnage and what became of two different printers.
11: good luck lake visit - Powerful joins Gretchen, me and the dogs to look at a 43-acre parcel on Woodworth Lake in the southwest Adirondacks.
12: Sunday morning megaphoning - Powerful joins Gretchen, me and the dogs to look at a 43-acre parcel on Woodworth Lake in the southwest Adirondacks.
13: the coming eviction of Crazy Dave - He's had a good run on Hurley Mountain, but the property beneath him is being sold.
14: sunset across the Hudson - A dinner party in Tivoli.
15: ability to process alcohol - Maybe I can't drink as much as I used to.
16: how brand loyalty is won - Our ten year old Toyota Prius is repaired entirely for free. Meanwhile, I've got a reason to hate AccuDraft, a maker of paint booths.
17: unmasked dudebros - I don't even notice the social distancing violations that Gretchen sees.
18: fastidiousness when it comes to avoiding the coronavirus - Visitors for some socially-distanced socializing bring their own glasses.
19: old jacuzzi in the grass - I manage to extract the old tub entirely on my own by removing it from the side instead of from above.
20: first katydid of 2020 - Neville keeps me up, and I unsuccessfully look for Comet Neowise.
21: must remove underlying Wonderboard - Why it's impossible to get tile off a sheet of Wonderboard hanging between wall studs.
22: thick slab of jerk tofu - After successfully removing Wonderboard from tile, I eat some food prepared by some New Paltz vegans sold at the Woodstock Farm Festival.
23: an hour of Zoom conference - Fixing PVC plumbing hidden in the floor and conversing with the fam-fam.
24: intercom water instructions - After redoing the upstairs tub hot and cold water plumbing, I experience a few minor fails.
25: chonky delight - Our dogs decide they'd rather hang out at the feet of a couple young women in sundresses at the Garden Café.
26: seeing the lines on Jupiter - At the end of a call with Gretchen's parents about building a house at the 43 acre parcel, I point my reflecting telescope at Jupiter.
27: tiling and cold pasta salad - I tile the floor where the new upstairs tub will be.
28: grouting and kratom dysphoria - Also failing yet again to see the Comet Neowise.
29: Disturbatron crunch - Powerfull accidentally runs over my Disturbatron megaphone, though he doesn't manage to destroy it.
30: despite the Home Depot boycott - Venturing into the orange-themed store when other hardware stores fail to have what I need.
31: a taker for the jacuzzi tub - Also my first bath in the new tub.