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Friday, July 17 2020
I lost my $700 platinum wedding ring somewhere in December, probably while out salvaging firewood in the nearby forest. In recent weeks Gretchen found a vendor of wedding rings made out of the wood from old whiskey barrels. I doubt such a ring would be very strong, but I'm willing to get one if it will make her happy. So early this afternoon I came along with Gretchen when she drove to Uptown to pick up tile for the upstairs bathroom tub replacement project and had my finger sized at an Uptown jeweler. (Everyone was wearing masks in there.) Then, of course, Gretchen stopped in a Maressa's newish vegan bakery, mostly to get cheese. But this also meant a lot of time-filling banter. I was content to sit on a bench out on the sidewalk sipping my kratom tea while this was happening. But then Gretchen came to get me because Maressa wanted to say hello. I'd had my mask down because I'd been drinking tea and neglected to put it back up. Maressa tried to quietly pantomime that I needed to raise it again now that I was in a store, and I was so dense I couldn't tell what she was signalling. Once I figured out what she meant, I put the mask back up and didn't, as others have done, throw a crybaby fit.
People in Uptown were generally wearing masks, though there was a collection of white dudebros on the corner of John and Wall who were congregating too close without any masks at all, a sight that genuinely disturbed Gretchen (though I didn't notice until she pointed it out).
This evening, Gretchen, Powerful, and I all went (with the dogs) to the Garden Café in Woodstock for dinner. They had red bean soup tonight, so I got a big bowl of that as well as the crimini mushroom tacos. The soup was great but the tacos tasted like something a stoned hippie with an endless supply of cumin might come up with. Meanwhile the sandwich Powerful ordered was so salty he had to order a portobello mushroom sandwich to replace it (the dogs got the salty sandwich).
A woman selling things on a table near Yum Yum had a big female pit bull with her, and Neville got along great with her. But Ramona started growling within seconds of the other dog's approach, triggering her. The lady had to come over and drag her dog away.
Gretchen was experiencing a "code brown" on the drive home, so I drove the Leaf as fast as possible on the twisty-turny Dug Hill Road.

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