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   Sunday morning megaphoning
Sunday, July 12 2020
There was a moron shooting a large gun at the bus turnaround this morning at 9:30am, before I'd even got out of bed. I've been letting a lot of bus turnaround shooting slide because I don't want to have to react to every incident. But this incident needed a response. So I grabbed the megaphone and went off down the Stick Trail, taking a position (approximately 41.925925N, 74.103170W) further southeast than normal so as to be closer to downrange with respect to the gunfire (approximately 41.929062N, 74.101813W). I did my usual heckles, saying "Fuck you!" multiple times and "We live here!/You don't live here!/Go home!" At times, though, I dissolved into growls, grunts, and talking in tongues, since it hardly mattered what I was saying. Gretchen appeared at some point on the Gullies Trail (about 50 feet away from where I was) and lectured me about how what I was doing couldn't possibly be heard because the shooters all wear ear protection, and she hadn't been able to hear me with here headphones on. I didn't want to be lectured to and didn't feel like explaining myself, so I said to just let me do what I was doing, that it made me feel good. I didn't believe the shooters couldn't hear me, and I kept heckling them until they fell silent and remained that way. Since they'd been shooting for less than an hour when they left, I suspect my megaphoning interrupted their Sunday plans.
Later, back at the house, I mansplained to Gretchen that the hearing protection used by shooters is designed to block loud noises, and that quieter sounds (such as my remote megaphoning) would probably be perfectly audible. Besides, as I pointed out, I've had the shooters yell back at me. If they'd done that today, though, I hadn't been able to hear it.
This afternoon while Gretchen was working at the bookstore and Powerful was doing odd jobs for a friend of Sarah the Vegan, I began the process of disassembling the existing tub. I wanted to preserve as much of the existing tile as possible, but I felt like I didn't have quite the masonry tools to remove grout between the tiles, so I didn't get very far.


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