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   two frogs and a mouse
Friday, July 10 2020
Our current assemblage of felines is only three, but, judging by the corpses I find every morning, they're still killing at least as much as five cats did in past years. This morning the bodies consisted of one dead mice and two frogs (one of which was still alive; perhaps he or she recovered after I flung him or her out of the house to the east).
Gretchen took Powerful to a meeting with a potential job contact out in the west, somewhere near Shandaken or some other town. Since she would be passing the dump, she first loaded up the Nissan Leaf with trash and recycling. This included an enormous amount of cardboard from boxes that had contained our new bathtub and battery-powered lawn mower, among other things. It also included the remains of two different printers (after I'd first salvages all the gears, rods, glass, and some of the electronics).
I took a recreational 150 mg dose of pseudoephedrine at around 8:00am this morning. This may have helped a little focus my attention while I attempted to understand a variety of functions and procedure written in Delphi code.
A tropical storm was expected to arrive today. By evening, there were occasional strong winds and showers, but it wasn't anything close to say, Tropical Storm Irene.

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