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   an hour of Zoom conference
Thursday, July 23 2020
While Gretchen was off showing Powerful the village of New Paltz, I fixed the drainage plumbing underneath where the new tub will go. As you may recall, in the process of removing the old tub, I managed to yank a branch of the drainage PVC pipe out of a thick sewage pipe running from the upstairs toilet. Yesterday I'd cut a three-inch-diameter "assist hole" sideways through a joist to help me when reattaching this pipe. In earlier plans, I thought maybe I'd use some other glue to reattach the pipe, since (due to the angle of components) the joint didn't even need to be water-tight, and I was worried I wouldn't have enough access to the receiving fitting to do a proper PVC gluing. But with the assist hole, I was able to do a few dry runs, which gave me the confident to use PVC cement. Due to the inherent messiness of gluing a fitting by touch alone, I put a latex glove on my left hand. That was the one that would position the pipe in the fitting, while feeding the pipe with my right hand. Using this technique, I was able to get a satisfactory reattachment. After that, I repaired some of the sawn-away subfloor and incorporated a pipe strap into the repair to better support the reglued branch of the drainage system. I didn't want it wrenching loose again, particularly when I go to install the new tub.
Later, after Gretchen and Powerful had returned, I installed the first sheet of Durock. This sheet went on the floor.
To proceed further, I needed to see how the new tub would fit in the space. So, after removing the bathroom door to provide a little extra width, I had Gretchen help me wrestle the new tub into place, and then I traced around its base.
We had a rare fend-for-yourself dinner tonight, and at around dinner time, I went out with a plastic bag and walked from the bottom of the Chamomile Headwaters Trail along the bottom of the slope just east of the wetlands that are east of the Farm Road, a region in which I expected to find chanterelles. I found and collected some, though there weren't as many as I'd collected last year and they were a bit long-in-the-tooth.

At 8:00pm we had a Zoom meeting with Gretchen's family, including her parents at the Watergate and her brother's family in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Nothing much was new, although our niece has an idea for a business involving succulents and pet rocks with googly eyes. I encouraged her to take it to Shark Tank. The Zoom meeting ended without the usual extension provided gratis, at which point my nephew started up another Zoom conference. But when he didn't send me an invitation, I didn't ask for one. An hour of Zoom conference is quite enough.

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