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Monday, July 6 2020
Having not drunk anything alcoholic since Saturday, I nevertheless had a second day of alcohol-related dysphoria. This had modest psychological effects coupled with dystracting intestinal complaints. The latter were so unpleasant that I was forced to lie down at around 3:00pm. By 5:00pm, I'd decided that much of my discomfort was a result of having eaten very little all day, though at that point I decided to wait for dinner before eating anything.
At around 5:00pm, a delivery guy showed up to drop off the replacement for our upstairs bathroom's bathtub. As I mentioned earlier, Gretchen had tired of the old bathtub with its non-operational jacuzzi features and decided to get a replacement. (Seventeen and a half years ago, I'd done much of the work of installing that old tub.) The new tub is nearly the same size, though a bit taller and narrower. For some reason the delivery guy decided to park inside a tight curve on Dug Hill Road just downhill from our driveway. Not only did this pose a danger for traffic (which had to venture into the wrong side of a blind curve), but once the large box was offloaded, it had to be rolled up a steep grade under human power alone. The delivery guy kept having to pause his unloading effort to direct traffic, and I helped with rolling the box uphill. Powerful returned from a bike ride all the way to the West Hurley Park and back just as the delivery was concluding, and he helped me wrestle the box to a part of the parking area where it wouldn't interfere with Gretchen parking the Nissan Leaf when she returned from her bookstore shift in Woodstock.
This evening Powerful made a dinner of a sort of chili (with red beans, cauliflower, and faux meat) with rice and a salad.
Later I took a bath in the upstairs tub, whose days serving as a bathing facility are limited.

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