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Friday, July 24 2020
Today I concentrated on getting the hot and cold water plumbing fixed for new bathtub installation. Had I done this correctly back when we installed the jacuzzi tub over seventeen years ago, I wouldn't've had any work to do. But in that system I'd relied on the shower's down-spout function for tub filling, a system that allows only for temperature control (that is, there is no control of flow rate). Also, since the downspout tended to be slightly restricted, a trickle of water managed to always get up to the shower heads as well when the downspouts were being used for tub filling, and that made for a most unpleasant bath for someone like me, who likes to fill the tub while I'm actually in it. The new plumbing takes hot and cold directly from the household plumbing for use in tub filling, allowing for both temperature and flow rate control through two separate knobs.
When I was done running all the new pipes and soldering them in place, I had Powerful turn on the water from down in the basement while communicating over the household landline telephone system's intercom system. The first attempt failed when one of the solders I'd made proved insufficiently water tight (I'd been suspicious of that one immediately after soldering it). A second attempt failed when the valve cartridge shot out of the wall (Id forgotten to install a brass retention ring). And then I couldn't make the cartridge water tight again because a small sliver of solder had lodged against a seating surface, something that was easily fixed by taking the cartridge out, removing such debris, and putting it back in place.
After having Powerful turn on the household water one last time, I overlooked the sink taps in the first floor half bath, which I'd left open to drain water from lower in the pressure column. I could hear them gushing, but I didn't run to turn them off immediately, since I assumed the water would just go down the drain. But the water backed up and momentarily flooded the half bath, even causing a minor leak in the walk-in closet below it in the basement.
The evening Gretchen and Powerful baked enchiladas, which they served with rice out on the east deck. I was hungry from all the hot weather work I'd been doing (both on the bathtub project and communicating with the Ukranian outsourcers).

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